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Like many Swiss watchmakers, the company Charles-Auguste Paillard is named after its founder. Charles-Auguste Paillard was born in 1840 in the picturesque Swiss village Sainte-Croix. Ironically, the Swiss youth had to master the skills of watchmaking in Brazil: he went there to visit his uncle, who was engaged in service and repair of marine chronometers.

Paillard began to study the influence of marine climate and humidity on mechanical instruments. He carried out a number of experiments aimed at overcoming negative effects of climate upon clockworks.

In 1862, Charles-Auguste Paillard moved back to Switzerland and settled in Geneva, where he continued his research. He successfully applied his knowledge and experience in the field of the properties of metals in watch making. After fifteen years of research, Charles developed new alloys suitable for manufacturing precision units of marine chronometers – most importantly, escapement and hairspring.

Based on the writings of the British researcher J. F. Houriet who lived in Swiss Le Locle, as well as results of his own research, by the year 1877 Charles-Auguste Paillard produced his first non-oxidizing and antimagnetic spiral from a palladium-based alloy. This discovery made Paillard famous, and in 1988 he founded his own production company Geneva Anti Magnetic Watch Co SA. In the same year the company, led by Paillard, was awarded a prize for the best chronometer.

Five years later at an exhibition in Chiсago, Charles-Auguste Paillard presented a number of models whose highest precision was certified by the Swiss Institute of Chronometry. In addition, he exhibited a watch with minute repeater, perpetual calendar and chronograph function ‘fly-back’.

Now that the fine Swiss watchmaking regains respect and demand, the company Charles-Auguste Paillard is opening a new page of its history. The company is specializing in producing watches complicated with different functions. Today as well as far back in1888, Charles-Auguste Paillard is striving for highest precision, impeccable quality and adherence to a long-established tradition of fine watchmaking.

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